Energy Management

As it is known, energy management in commercial buildings is becoming increasingly important due to the complexity of modern building systems and increasing energy costs. These systems can be considered as lighting, air conditioning (heating, cooling, ventilation), and other electrical systems, respectively.
In this context, one of the main energy management strategies is the use of Building Automation Systems. Building automation systems are a system that monitors and controls building systems from a central control panel or through software. These systems enable automatic operation of heating-cooling systems (Fan Coil, Heat Pump, VRF, Air Conditioner, etc.), lighting systems and other energy-consuming equipment. For example, appropriate automation systems can program HVAC systems according to building usage hours and prevent unnecessary energy consumption, and similarly, the amount of lighting can be increased or decreased by using appropriate technological products according to the intensity in the workplace.

Along with Building Automation Systems, smart meters and Cloud-based monitoring software that monitor and analyze energy consumption have been in high demand in recent years. In this way, building owners and operators can monitor and analyze their energy consumption in detail and use this data to determine energy use patterns and detect unnecessary energy waste.

With its experience in this field, Ges Teknik has delivered energy-saving projects to many businesses. It is possible to achieve energy savings of at least 15-20% with works where investment costs are very low and installation times do not exceed 3-4 days. Our experience, experienced staff and product range, especially regarding devices used in the retail sector, make us unrivaled in this field.

For a greener and sustainable economy, Energy Management Systems and automation infrastructure are an inevitable reality for all Commercial Enterprises.

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