Fan Coil Systems and Choosing the Right Thermostat

What is a Fan Coil System?
What are the Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fan Coil Thermostat?

The Fan Coil system consists of a fan and a heating/cooling source. It is a system that meets the heating/cooling and ventilation needs of a building or room. It generally works in conjunction with the central HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. Fan coil systems, especially used in commercial buildings such as hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, and office buildings, operate in two types. These are referred to as 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems and are widely used to provide comfort and energy efficiency for users.

Serpentines in Fan Coil units provide air conditioning of the environment by changing the temperature of the air or water passing through them. This system is managed through the thermostat or control panel.

Thermostats help keep the indoor temperature at the desired level by adjusting the fan speed and temperature level of the system. Fan coil thermostats are usually wall mounted and allow users to set their desired temperature settings. In this way, the fan coil system works efficiently and indoor comfort is ensured.

In this equation, fan coil thermostat selection is very important and there are some important factors to consider.

  • Determining the type of fancoil system the thermostat is compatible with:

It is important to choose a fan coil thermostat that is suitable for the type of fan coil system to be used. For example, a suitable thermostat should be selected for a 2-pipe fancoil system that works with both hot and cold water. For separate installations, thermostats suitable for 4-pipe setup will be preferred.

  • Time programmable feature of the thermostat::

Considering that fancoil thermostats may have different control features, the thermostat appropriate for the intended use should be selected. This should be taken into account, for example, if a programmable thermostat is desired.Thanks to this feature, setting different temperature settings at different times provides energy savings, especially in small and medium volumes that do not have upper automation.

  • Communication feature of the thermostat:

When choosing a thermostat, questioning the presence of upper automation and the communication language is of great importance during the selection phase. In places where upper automation can be applied, fan coil units can also communicate with upper automation thanks to smart thermostats. Modbus and BACnet compatible thermostats facilitate system integration and enable data exchange. In this way, lower and upper limits for all rooms, time programs and similar applications can be made through the upper automation channel. Making this selection on time in projects is a critical issue in terms of cabling costs.

  • Examining additional functions of the thermostat:

Window contact, external sensor, economy mode, lower-upper limit create the necessary additional functions in fan coil thermostats. These features provide serious energy savings, especially depending on whether the rooms in hotels and hospitals are empty or occupied.

  • Ease of installation and aesthetic appearance:

Ease of installation and aesthetic appearance of the thermostat are also taken into consideration when choosing a thermostat. While surface-mounted thermostats provide ease of installation, thermostats designed to be flush-mounted offer more architectural aesthetics with a viewing angle. Whether the thermostat is mechanical, digital or touch-sensitive are other details that should be evaluated from an architectural perspective.

  • The thermostat having a user-friendly interface:

An easy-to-read display allows users to easily view temperature settings. Additionally, touch screens or simple/bulky buttons make the thermostat easy to use. Screen types with backlight allow users to make the desired settings even in low-light environments.

  • The reliability of the thermostat’s brand and manufacturer:

The reliability of the thermostat manufacturer and after-sales support is also an important consideration. The most important reasons why Smallart Thermostats have been preferred in Turkey and surrounding countries for more than 20 years are their quality, product variety and after-sales services.

In summary, when choosing a Fan Coil Thermostat, factors such as compatibility with the existing setup (integration and communication features), functionality, mounting options, user interface and brand reliability should be taken into consideration.

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