How should I send the defective product?

After downloading the form below to your computer, fill in the relevant fields and send it to us together with the defective product.

Defective product submission form

Which cable should I put between the fancoil and the thermostat?

If the system has 2 pipes, a 6-core cable should be used, and if the system has 4 pipes, a 7-core cable should be used. The cross section should be determined according to the fan motor power of the fan coil. Recommended is 1.5mm LIHCH cable.

Where should the thermostat supply cable be pulled?

The supply cable should be laid between the energy panel and the fan coil thermostat junction box. It is recommended to use 3*1.5mm cable.

What is the use of window contact?

The use of window contacts is very important. Our digital and communication thermostats have a window contact input. When the window contact is connected to the thermostat, the fan coil unit turns off when the window is opened.

Can I control the thermostat via hotel room card entry?

Yes. This feature is available in our digital or communication thermostats. It ensures that the fan coil works when the hotel guest enters the room, and stops the fan coil when he leaves.

Can I control the thermostat based on the external temperature sensor?

Yes. Some models of our digital or communication thermostats have this feature. Although it varies depending on the application, for example, the sensor installed in the return air duct can be connected to the thermostat and perform thermostat temperature control.

Can the thermostat stay at its last settings when the power goes back and forth?

In digital and communicating thermostats, this setting can be made from the parameter menu. Thermostats are currently shipped to operate at the final setting after the power is cut off.

Can 2 fan coil connections be made to 1 thermostat?

No. We do not recommend connecting this way. However, if the total power of the fan coil motors is lower than the thermostat output relay power, this connection can be made in a controlled manner. We recommend using a fan coil multiplexing card for this type of application needs.

Can I calibrate space temperature measurement?

Yes. In all digital and communication fan coil thermostats, sensor calibration adjustment is made from the parameter menu.

How should a defective product be sent in order to be considered under warranty?

In case of a malfunction in the product, the product must be delivered to Ges Teknik with the Defective Product Notification Form and Shipment Note, which ensure that the necessary information is transferred to the after-sales service team in a reliable manner.

I see a malfunction warning on the screen in the heat recovery control. How can we solve the problem?

Error codes can be seen in the document provided with the products. If you do not have access to the document, you can get information by contacting after-sales support with the product code defined specifically for the product.

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