As an institution that is aware that sustainable growth, which we place on the main axis of our activities, is possible as long as we live the principles of sustainable environment and energy;

Fundamentals of Our Environmental Policy

To use natural resources efficiently and increase recycling and recovery,

Taking into account energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies when creating all processes from the design stage,

Developing and implementing energy efficiency projects that will have a positive impact on climate change,

Purchasing energy efficient products, services and technologies, supporting high performance designs,

We aim to carry out our production activities by applying Environmental and Energy Management Systems.


In this direction;

– To comply with the applicable national/international legal and other requirements regarding the environment and energy,
– Carrying out activities to prevent and protect environmental pollution,
– Continuously improving and developing our environmental and energy performance,
– To reduce or eliminate the negative environmental impacts of our activities
take the necessary precautions,
– To periodically review our determined goals and objectives, to
To create the necessary resources to achieve the goals,
– By ensuring that our policy is understood and adopted by our stakeholders, we raise awareness and
We declare and undertake to increase awareness.

In order to realize the principles and objectives, it is our primary commitment as senior management to implement and develop ISO 14001:2015 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM by meeting its requirements.

In the context of this vision, all our employees are obliged to fully fulfill the requirements of the implementation of the ISO 14001:2015 standard in our organization.
As senior management; We expect our employees to make the highest effort and carry out the necessary work to implement the ISO 14001:20115 Environmental Management System and ensure its continuity, and we fulfill our duties in this regard with precision.

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